Introduction to African Geophysical Society

African Geophysical Society AGS is a dynamic, innovative, and interdisciplinary scientific association committed to the pursuit of understanding of Earth and Space for the benefit of mankind.
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Our Objectives at AGS

AGS mainly focuses on :

The expansion and strengthening of the study of the Earth and other planets including their environments in African continent

Facilitating cooperation among scientists, national, regional and international scientific organizations, which are involved in geophysical and other related research.

Initiations of, as well as participations in, new research and training programs

Popularizations of various geophysical research and training programs in African continent via scientific conferences, publications and trainings - short and long terms.

AGS Sections

S - Solid Earth Science

Solid Earth Science (geology, geodesy, geophysics, geochemistry, biogeosciences)

A - Atmospheric Science

Atmospheric Science (Small scale and local wind systems, air pollution,  mesoscale processes, global wind systems, cyclones, weather forecasting,  atmospheric chemistry, global climate and its change, meteorology)

O - Ocean Science

Ocean Science (Estuarine and costal oceanography, ocean circulation, marine biogeochemistry, paleoceanography, marine geology, and atmosphere-ocean coupling.

PA - Astronomy and Planetary Science

Astronomy and Planetary Science (interior, surface, magnetosphere, ionosphere, and upper atmosphere of solar system bodies other than earth, cosmology)

ST - Solar and Terrestrial

Solar and Terrestrial (sun, interplanetary medium, heliosphere, the magnetosphere, ionosphere, and upper atmosphere of planet earth, space weather)

H - Hydrological Science

Hydrological Science (Hydrometeorology, Surface Water Hydrology, Ground Water Hydrology,Water Resources Planning and Management, Hydroinformatics)

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