ISWI School and AGS International Conference on “Advancing Science & Technology in Developing Nations”

Grand Palace Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia

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We are pleased to announce that the ISWI space weather school and the 6th African Geophysical Society (AGS) International Conference on “Advancing Science & Technology in Developing Nations” will take place at the Grand Palace Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia from September 26th to Wednesday, October 4th, 2023. The ISWI space weather school (September 26th – 30th) is open to MSc. and PhD students based at institutions in Africa, while the AGS conference (October 2nd – 4th) is open to all interested participants.

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ISWI Space Weather School – Zambia 2023

The ISWI school and AGS Conference will both be hosted by the Physics Society of Zambia in partnership with various local and international partners including AGS, ISWI, University of Zambia, Copperbelt University, Nkrumah University, Mulungushi University, SCOSTEP/PRESTO, Catholic University of America, NASA, to name a few.


The scope of the AGS Conference will cover the following topics:

  • Solar and Terrestrial (heliosphere, sun, solar wind, & MIT studies)
  • Space weather effects on GNSS satellites and ground infrastructure
  • Solid Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Earth and Space Science Informatics ESSI
  • Science and Applications of GBAS/SBAS/EGNOS in Africa
  • Science education and public outreach


Important Dates & deadlines:

Abstract submission opens: 1 May 2023

Abstract submission close: 14 July 2023

Registration opens: 1 June 2023


Click on the link to submit abstract.



No registration fee for ISWI school participants. The AGS International Conference fee is $150 (US Dollar) The fee includes participation in on-site activities and provides access to the virtual part of the meeting. Limited registration fee waivers available on request.


Financial Support:

ISWI school participant are also expected to attend the AGS conference and will receive full support including travel, accommodation, and meals. There will be limited support available for participants attending the AGS International Conference that will be assigned based on the financial need and scientific merit of the candidates. To qualify for financial support, the applicant must provide and submit the following information:

  • An abstract and a CV
  • Short motivation statement (explain your expectations from attending AGS International Conference 2023)
  • For students, two recommendation letters

The requested documents should be sent to BOTH and


Interested US-based postdocs and early career scientists need to submit an abstract to receive support.



Grand Palace Hotel – Conference venue –

Protea by Marriot Hotel – 0.6 km from venue

Radisson Blu Hotel – 0.8 km from venue

Asmara Hotel – 0.8 km from venue



Check    the following website for VISA requirements to enter Zambia

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Dr. Chigo Ngwira

Co-Chair LOC/Science Organizing Committee

Dr. Patrick Sibanda

Mr. FredJoe Nambala

Mr. Prospery Simpemba

Aderonke Obafaye (Program Officer AGS)


Local Organizing Committee

Dr. Chigomezyo Ngwira           Co-Chair

Dr. Patrick Sibanda                  Co-Chair

Mr Propery Simpemba           Secretary

Mr Fred J. Nambala                Logistics Coordinator

Prof. Rekha Prasad                  Member

Mr Peter J. Banda                   Member

Mr Nkonde Kangwa                Member



Scientific Organizing Committee

Dr. Chigomezyo Ngwira              Co-Chair

Prof. Olivier Obreu                     Co-Chair/AGS President

Dr. Nat Gopalswamy                  Co-Chair/ISWI Coordinator

Dr. Patrick Sibanda                    Primary/Local Coordinator

Ms Aderonke Obafaye                Secretary/AGS Coordinator

Dr. Keith Groves                        ISWI Coordinator

Prof. Rabiu Babatunde               Member

Dr. Antti Pulkkinen                     Member

Dr. John Bosco Habarulema       Member

Dr. Endawoke Yizengaw             Member

Dr. Anthea Coster                      Member

Prof. Mark Moldwin                    Member

Dr. Susan Skone                       Member

Prof. Christine Amory                 Member